One of the benefits of living in Dubai is that you have the best of everything. So, when the need for medical attention arises, there is a vast variety of local and expat experts available to provide the best consultation and treatment. But when you’re far from home, and you don’t know anyone who can give references, what can you do to find a local doctor?

Without first-hand knowledge of local professionals, you need a guide to navigate your way to an excellent specialist. Here is a simple process to find the right doctor.

  1. Study your symptoms

Select physicianYou know your body best. If there is pain in any part of the body, or something doesn’t feel right, determine what kind of doctor you need. Many different specialists treat the same symptoms. If you are having problems identifying the underlying cause of your ailment, then you should see a primary care physician to evaluate it first. Going to multiple specialists without a proper diagnosis can be rather expensive.

  1. Select a physician

The next thing to do is to select a physician that suits your needs. Compile a list of all the doctors in your area. In Dubai, there are many online directories of specialists that help people find local healthcare providers efficiently and effectively. Many have detailed information about the various experts.

  1. Narrow your choices

When you are searching for the best medical practitioner, you can become overzealous and make a long list. It’s not practical to visit all of them. You will need to narrow your preferences by considering some of the following details:

Narrow your choices physician

  • Educational background
  • Specialty
  • Languages spoken
  • Experience
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Gender
  • Types of insurance accepted
  • Patient reviews
  1. Background check

It seems that many patients overlook this critical step. When you trust someone with your health, you want one that is top of the line. And if you are going to pay for services, you want no compromises in quality of care or attention. By carrying out an online background check on your selected doctors, you can verify their professional certifications and licenses as well as that of the hospital or clinic where they practice. You can even check their rankings through the internet, patient reviews, social media, medical blogs, etc.

  1. Additional factors to consider

A doctor is only as good as his or her team. If you want to have a satisfactory experience with any doctor, examine the following qualities before making an appointment.

  • The timing should suit your schedule. The physician should also be punctual.
  • The facility should be clean and comfortable.
  • The team should be courteous and professional. Communicating with them should be clear and effortless.

Once you decide upon a doctor, make the most of your visit. Be prepared with current information about your condition. Bring along a list of your medications, medical reports, insurance information, allergies, etc. Ask the right questions, such as the alternate treatment for your condition, the benefits or risks involved, side effects of medication or procedure, follow up visits, etc. It’s advisable to get a second opinion as well.