The spa staff must always keep the customer’s needs first. The spa is a place where the client comes to get away from their problems. They should be the number one priority.


The key component of a spa is that it sets a relaxing mood with its ambience i.e. how it looks, smells and feels. The clients should feel happy and peaceful when they come in. Additionally, the massage and spa center has to be clean. That is the most basic requirement. Every quality spa is supposed to be very clean.


The key component to keep customers and attract new ones is that the staff should make the client feel comfortable. They should be polite and friendly. They should respect the client’s boundaries. They shouldn't make you feel intimidated or ignored. You are expecting to get relaxed in a spa. A friendly staff will make it their goal.

Friendliness Massage

Value for Money

No matter the amount you paid, the service you get should match up with that amount. If it doesn’t you can tell them.


You can ask your therapist what product they are using on you and further details about it but don’t expect them to sell it. You can always buy a product you liked later.


If you feel that your therapist did a good job, you should tip them around 10 to 15 percent. But don’t feel obligated to leave a tip.

Attention to Detail

This means that you should see that the spa has put some thought into your comfort. They have covered the little things for you. For example: keeping spare towels and toiletries in the changing rooms, offering magazines and drinks, etc. it isn't just about freebies and fashionable items.

Communication in Spa Center


They should be clear in communicating everything to you. Always confirm our booking and have a talk about cancellation fees beforehand. Feel free to ask about specifications about certain treatments. A good spa should also have clarity in all its signage so as to not confuse the customers. When the spa is good at communicating with you, you feel more comfortable spending a good chunk of your day there. Your therapist should explain what they will be doing in the treatment beforehand. There shouldn’t be any room for surprises.


These were some of the key things to look out for in choosing a good spa. The most important thing to do in a spa is relax and someone else takes care of your needs and that is what you ought to do.