Every household cannot live without a steady supply of hot water. If you have recently replaced your hot water heater then you will understand the struggles that come with this unfortunate event. Whether you have purchased an electrical or gas unit; tankless system or even a solar-driven water heater there is one thing that remains imperative: maintenance. Your water heater still needs maintenance to ensure that it keeps running for years to come. Check with a specialist to know how you can maintain your electric water heater UAE.

Tank Storage Water Heaters

Maintaining water heaters differ with every type. The same way that cars require constant maintenance to perform optimally, your water heater will also need the same TLC! But because tank storage water heaters remain the most common, we are going to focus on how to make sure your tanked water heater is running ship-shape and will continue to do so for the length of its lifespan!

Tank Storage Water Heaters

Keep the Pressure Off

The pressure relief valve acts as a safety mechanism for your storage water tank. As soon as too much pressure builds up it needs to be released to prevent your water heater from bursting. Because you cannot see your water heater, or simply do not bother to check on it, the valve functions automatically. But it is important to do regular maintenance to ensure that the release function on the valve is in working order.

Check the Anode Rod

The anode rod has a very important function inside the water heater: to collect any corrosive materials inside the water. Unfortunately, these materials will destroy the rod over time which is why it needs to be replaced every five years or so. If the rod is not replaced the tank will begin to corrode instead which will work out much costlier.

Run a Cleaning Cycle

The same way that your body enjoys a good detox, your water heater also needs a good cleaning at least once a year. This annual flush to necessary to remove any build-up of sediment which can rust the inside of your tank and eventually compromise its integrity. The last thing you want is a flooded bathroom! Make sure that the gas or electricity is completely off when you are performing the flush; you will definitely see an improvement in your system afterwards.

Cleaning Water Heaters

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Differ?

If you do have a tankless water heater they are maintained differently because they do not have a storage tank that can collect sediment and rust. The installation manual will specify how often the system needs to be maintained but maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year. If you are living in an area with water that contains high level of sediment you might need to schedule maintenance more frequently to replace filters and the likes.