CAIA Exam Preparation in Dubai


The TIPS CAIA Course are designed for self-directed individuals who aim to achieve the best in their financial career. A rigorous and comprehensive course, the CAIA program has all the necessary elements that will help students ace their CAIA examinations.

The CAIA designation is recognized and valued by top employers worldwide, and is said to be the highest standard of achievement in alternative investment education. Our CAIA courses have been outlined keeping in mind the significance of the designation in the professional context, and thus will help students get the most guidance that will stay with them even in their professional lives.


This designation is a mark of competence and distinction in the UAE investment market, and is also the fastest growing industry in the country. Our courses for CAIA preparation are taught by faculty members who have ample expertise in this field, and this helps students to a very great extent in their CAIA exam preparation. Our program not only prepares the students for the CAIA test, but it also introduces them to a world of alternative investment and provides a foundation for them to specialize in alternatives.

CAIA Courses and Preparation

Our faculty at TIPS has designed and outlined the course keeping in mind the CAIA preparation criteria for the students. The program is suitable for individuals who would like to get foot in hedge fund, CTA, real estate, and private equity fund management, or aspire to become chief investment officers, consultants to institutions, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, investment analysts, regulators; due diligence officers, asset allocators, capital introduction specialists or fund administrators.

The courses are prepared as per the CAIA exam schedule, so that we can give our students all the tutelage that would help them in their examinations.

CAIA Examinations

TIPS UAE CAIA exam preparation, carried out by professional charter holders, operates in a framework that requires students to demonstrate knowledge, interpret and analyze financial situations and to appear in practice-oriented CAIA tests covering the comprehensive curriculum of CAIA Level 1 and Level 2 designed to provide finance professionals with a broad base of knowledge in alternative investments. The CAIA exam cost is mentioned at time of registration.

The Charter designation is the highest standard of achievement in alternative investment education and provides deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and global credibility in alternatives.
What it takes?
2 Exams offered in March and September every year and can be completed in one year.
CAIA Charter:
Meet the program and membership requirements and pass the exams.

How TIPS will get you there?

Focused study groups and disciplined study sessions with existing charterholders, regular testing of past exam questions and other available resources.

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Classes commence from June 2016.