Chartered Financial Analyst® – CFA Exam Preparation

The Chartered Financial Analyst credential is arguably the most coveted credential in the investment world. TIPS UAE CFA exam prep enables young professionals to master a broad spectrum of skills required to understand and make decisions in the today’s evolving financial industry. TIPS CFA prep course for UAE based candidates covers an all-encompassing curriculum providing students with strong foundation of investment analysis and portfolio management skills along with practical skills.


Our CFA course is suitable for a range of individuals including existing investment professionals, non-investment professionals seeking to switch industry and existing students planning to enter the finance or investment function. TIPS CFA finance helps candidates prepare for a successful career further in their professional lives. Despite the fact that various CFA online courses are available, TIPS offers better opportunities for students in their CFA exam prep as we have a faculty who have on hand experience in this field.


Through TIPS CFA exam preparation, working professionals can enhance their academic profile while working full-time. This is the reason that our CFA training program has highest success rate among all CFA Institutes in Dubai and outside Dubai.

CFA Classes and Exam

Students and professional preparing for CFA exams at TIPS UAE are not just well prepared for their certification but are also trained practical examples and case studies for the dedication and skills required to carry out decision-making and understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.

What is Covered?

Level 1: Tools

Level 2: Asset Valuation

Level 3: Portfolio Management

Charter Requirements

3 6-hours exams held in June each year (Level 1 exam also held in December)

4 years of qualifying work requirements

How TIPS will get you there?

TIPS CFA exam preparation uses study groups with existing charterholders conducting study sessions: strong focus on testing of past exam questions and other available resources.
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Fee Structure

For pricing details of the course please contact us on and/or +971555265850

Classes commence from June 2016.