The global energy market is interconnecting every day, and the idea of the risk management is growing. It is really important to distinguish yourself among all the other personnel to excel in your field of work. If employees get ERP training, they will become the leading part of an elite group which is employed by leading industries all over the world. We at TIPS UAE, are striving to provide top-notch services so that you can ace your field of work. We have a team of market experts working with us to train you.

What is the ERP?

A person who completes energy risk professional course is allowed to deal with an extensive range of energy commodities. He or she can work directly or indirectly to manage the inherent risks which are associated with these assets. 

What is This Program About?

This course was created after getting direct input from energy risk practitioners and experts all over the world. This program encompasses the ability to measure and manage real world energy risks comprehensively. We provide detailed analysis and study guidelines for this course. You will be able to improve your career after completing ERP in Dubai. The demand of trained and valuable energy risk professionals has increased in the UAE.

ERPCareer Options for ERP

The professionals are employed in following industries:

  • Energy companies

    These include LNG, natural gas, oil, renewable, and power.

  • Financial Institutions

    These include investment and commercial banks, hedge funds and asset management companies.

The ERPs are also employed in Government firms, technology, consulting agencies, and market regulators in Dubai.

Responsibilities of Energy Risk Professionals

  • They perform various tasks which include measuring, identifying, reporting, and managing all the risks associated with energy products and industries.
  • They review the overall process of risk factors and document them after identifying the weaknesses.
  • They assess and analyze all the activities performed in energy companies which are client based.
  • They create and deliver concise reports with meaningful recommendations for potential engagements.

Energy Risk Professional

Who Should Take This Course

TIPS UAE is providing this training in Dubai for

  • Finance and auditing personnel
  • Analysts
  • Trade support staff
  • Traders
  • Natural gas purchasers

Course Outline 

  • Level 1 of Physical Energy Market

    It will encompass the important topics of petroleum and natural gas exploration and overall production. This will also deal with risk management for refined petroleum products and crude oil.

  • Level 2 of Physical Energy Market

    The topics which will be covered include alternative energy, coal, liquefied natural gas, and electricity.

  • Level 1 of Financial Trading Instruments 

    We will cover spot pricing, options for forwards and future, and tools which make energy difference.

  • Level 2 of Financial Trading Instruments

    You will be able to understand electricity trading, derivatives and swaps, emissions markets and carbon finance in Dubai.

  • Structuring and Valuation of Energy Transactions

    We will discuss correlations, option pricing models, volatility, modeling, and correlations.

  • Financial Trading Risk Management

    You will learn hedging date, risk monitoring, and measurement, credit risk, value-at-risk, emissions market in UAE, counter-party risk, trading strategies, carbon finance.