An accountant biggest dream is to clear the exams of Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Whales and become a globally recognized asset. The ICAEW Institute offers many courses which can increase the credibility of an employee and increase the demand by many folds. In Dubai and all over UAE the requirement of ICAEW professionals is quite high. There are several job openings waiting for an expert to join. The options are an extensive range of financial bodies to consulting firms, auditing bodies to giant market.

The role of an accountant is not more than a bookkeeper in earlier years before the nineteenth century. The dynamic progress of every sector has changed the world and its necessities. The need of technically proficient accountants who can deal with the risks and complexity of transactions.

Why Choose ICAEW Courses in Dubai

There are many limited liabilities and multinational companies in UAE which are depending on the skill sets of ICAEW professionals. It is not only a certification but a ticket to brighter future for professional accountants. These courses will improve your capabilities and enhance your skills by making you an unparallel expert in the field of accounting.

If you join ICAEW course in Dubai offered by TIPS UAE, you will get a boosted career where you will receive the offers of white collar jobs.

Reliable ICAEW Courses

What is ICAEW

The Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW) is an organization which offers membership and has over 138,000 members. This body was founded in 1880 and a global leader in producing finance and accountancy professionals all over the world. The organization is renowned in giant markets for guaranteeing the top-notch level of technical, professional, and ethical standards.

The head office is London bases, but there are various international offices present in Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Brussels. The office in Dubai is located in DIFC.

TIPS UAE works closely with both Dubai and London offices of the organization to make sure that every student gets the best education and preparation for the exam.

Associate Chartered Accountant by ICAEW

The ACA designation which is the most renowned certification awarded by the ICAEW can open up the gates to success. This qualification is globally recognized. There is another certificate of CFAB which covers Finance, Accounting and Business represents a powerful expertise on the concerned subjects, and these professionals have high demand in Dubai and all over the UAE.



  • Complete a training of at least 3 years
  • Clear the Institute examinations
  • Provide work experience

Levels of ACA Qualification:

Knowledge: this make sure that a professional is equipped with all the core technical skills which are required

Application: this made you utilize the knowledge sets

  • Professional Stage
  • Advanced Stage

Each module is usually comprised of 1.5 hours, and you will be thoroughly tested using assessments which are computer based. 

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